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Have You Been Qualified For A Home Loan?

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Frequently asked questions:

Q:Can I put an offer in on a house if my house has not sold yet?
The simple answer is yes you can.  The variables make each situation unique and will depend on if you have listed your home, are in escrow, and if the market is a buyer’s market where there is a lot of houses to choose from or if you are in a seller’s market where you are competing with multiple offers.
Q:Do I have to pay the buyer’s agent commission?
Generally speaking…No. I have only seen it a handful of times that the buyer pays the buyer agent commissions. Usually, the seller and listing agent have agreed to offer out a commission to an agent that represents a qualified buyer throughout the transaction.
Q:Why does everyone ask if I have signed with another agent?
In our business we uphold a code of ethics not to interfere with a client represented by another agent. Our standard of practice is to go over what buyer representation means to you and let you know our commitment in providing that service and agree to it in writing.
Q:Do I have to use your lender?
No. It is a courtesy to you and a privilege for us to be able to recommend someone who we know and trust to work with you through the loan process so that you stay on track and can close escrow on time. Remember not all lenders are the same. Also, different types of lenders can specialize in certain down payment assistant programs and their ability to help you understand time frames and what to expect can be priceless.