Packing Tips

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Start With The End In Mind

Moving Tips  
  • Before you move, go online to find schools, hospitals, medical clinics, etc…write them down or save the addresses in your phone for easy reference.
  • Start packing as soon as you know you are moving. Do not wait until the last few days. Take the time to decide what you want to keep, what you need to be using currently, and what you can pack away.
  • A week or two before your move, host a garage sale and make arrangements with a charity to pick up the remaining items. It will save you the trouble of taking them there yourself
  • Assign a different color duct tape to each room so boxes can be identified and Pack your boxes according to room
  • Label, write on the sides of the boxes because most likely they will be stacked and you will be unable to see the tops. Even go as far as labeling what room they are to be opened in
  • Items that you kept out last should be labeled OPEN FIRST
  • Wrap plastic wrap around silverware trays so they stay intact when you unpack and no time is lost separating spoons, forks, and knives. You can even keep dresser drawers intact with this same method
  • You can buy and re-sell boxes and packing material on craigslist, ask friends
  • Pack books in rolling suitcases to move more easily
  • Fill cooking pots with baking spices and ingredients
  • You can use towels, linens, pillows, and other bedding to wrap fragile items however do investing in packing materials for stem ware and smaller breakables
  • Use trash bags to keep hung clothing together
  • Place a cotton pad or ball into your powered cosmetics to keep them from breaking
  • Cover openings of cleaning products and toiletries with saran wrap, then put the tops back on
  • Pack plates vertically like records. You can use packing material or even pack them in between pillow cases to lessen their chance in breaking
  • Keep Sandwich bags close by to hold and screws from taking apart furniture. Make sure to label and this works well for cords too.
  • Take a picture of how your electronics are connected to you can remember where the wires go
  • Defrost your refrigerator at least a day before moving and wipe up any liquid
  • If you do hire professionals, ask for references, recommendations, and read the fine print to make sure that there are not any weird rules you don’t agree with.