Talk To A Realtor Before Selling Your Home

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Listing Consultation for Your Eastvale, Corona, Chino or Riverside House

Scheduling a listing consultation with a realtor is a great first step when considering selling your home.  Naturally, every Seller would like to make the most money from the sale of their home. It may sound tempting to sell the home on your own, however a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors found that 82% of real estate sales result from Realtors previous clients, referrals and other sources. Additionally, the National Association of Realtors concluded that most homes sell anywhere from 3% to 9.5% more when sold through a Realtor.

What Is A Listing Consultation?

A listing consultation can be done prior to or at the time of listing your home.  A real estate professional can sit with you and discuss what homes have sold in your neighborhood, what sales have occurred citywide to spot trends or other active neighborhoods near you that may interest buyers. During a listing consultation, it is a great way to determine if you are compatible with the professional in front of you. The sale of your home can be a complex process involving what’s likely to be your most prized financial asset and I find trusting the agent you choose to help you in selling your home is a key ingredient in the process.

Why Have A Listing Consultation?

Steps to selling a home in Corona, Chino, Eastvale, or Riverside

After the listing consultation….

During our listing consultation, we go over your goals in selling your home, answer questions regarding costs, how to maximize your opportunity to sell your home based on the market conditions, and what we can expect from each other as we start the process of selling your home. We will also go over the listing contract in detail so you know your choices in selling your home. If you are going to purchase another home in California, we help you connect with a lender to qualify you so you can start looking for a home right away. If you are looking to move out of California, we have an extensive network of agents to recommend to you. We have helped people relocate to Texas, Las Vegas, Alaska, and Wyoming. We love to refer the amazing agents we know provide great service.


The time spent in a listing consultation can take the pressure off of having to wonder if selling your home now is the right move for you. Understanding the market value of your home and the timeline of events in the selling process can help you prepare for the purchase of your next home. It also can help you feel comfortable in choosing the best real estate professional to help you. Each Real Estate Agent is considered a business owner and each has aligned with a Brokerage that reflects their ideal values and business model.  It is only natural that you choose an agent that will represent you well and line up with your goals and values in business.  If you are considering selling your home and would like to schedule a listing consultation to find your home value,understand your choices, the contract, and the process before you put your home on the market, fill in your information below.